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Farm stay

 Have a farm stay holiday     –      and let your cares melt away!


Enjoy a farm stay holiday with Vivi and Andreas N. Paulsen in the Wadden Sea national park.

You can relax and enjoy life at Hohenwarte on a self-catering, B&B, half- or full-board basis.

We have three categories of room: 11 with shared bathroom, 9 with en-suite facilities and a further 11 with en-suite facilities plus a kitchenette.

Explore the unique countryside or just sit and enjoy the sun in the farm courtyard while your kids get acquainted with the animals or have fun in the playground.

Our animals are in their stalls in the colder months – which means you can get very close to all of them.


What to see and do on the farm

Hohenwarte has dozens of animals including horses, cows, racoons, miniature pigs, sheep, ducks, geese, chickens, two Labradors, rabbits, goats and three cats.

What about a trip through the marshlands on horseback or in our horse-drawn wagon – or join us for a campfire evening. There’s plenty to do here and we are always ready to help.

We have a 12-person, disabled-friendly horse-drawn wagon with room for three wheelchairs plus a larger wagon with room for up to 25 persons (22 adults)

Got you own ideas? We are always happy to help you plan any activities you might want to try.

Welcome to Hohenwarte – room to play and the freedom of the countryside!


A bit about our animals

Hohenwarte has 14 different types of farm animal – roughly 54 animals in all.

Hohenwarte´s donkey (Debbie) gave birth to a foal on 13 July 2012 at 15.30 – it is named after Dres’s daughter Maja.

Mokai (our brown Labrador bitch) got a little brother, Cult, who was born on 17 July 2012 and came to Hohenwarte on 26 September 2012.

Our fawn cow had a calf on 22 November 2012 at 05.00 and he is cal
led Mikkel.

Our racoons Chip and Chap can be hand-fed and love to have visitors in their enclosure.

Chip and Chap were born in May 2012 and arrived at Hohenwarte in February 2013.
Horse riding at Hohenwarte

You can rent our horses by the hour – with or without an assistant to lead the horse. We have several quiet and good natured Haflinger ponies plus little Sej, our cute Shetland pony. Price is DKK 100 per hour + DKK 50 per hour if you want an assistant to lead the horse rather than ride on your own.


Member of the National Association for Agri-tourism

Eat at Hohenwarte without staying the night
Bring your family and friends
to Hohenwarte

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