Café Hohenwarte

From May 1st until and including week 42, our cozy café is open for lunch and coffee from 11-16. However, we are also open out of season, by prior arrangement. In the café you can enjoy a delicious sandwich, a round of good danish “biksemad”, and a lot of other delicacies!

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then of course you can always be served our homemade old-fashioned apple cake, or a plate of cookies, with nice freshly brewed coffee from HaveACoffee.

See our menu below.

Burgers with fries

  • Bacon Dream 100 DKK

    Homemade mayo, salad, burger, cucumber and bacon in brioche bun. Served with french fries.

  • The Salsa 100 DKK

    (Choose between chicken or beef)
    Homemade mayo, salad and fresh salsa in brioche bun. Served with french fries.

  • Burger of the month 100 DKK

    Mad with love in brioche bun. Served with french fries.


  • Nuggets (5 pcs.) 30 kDKK
  • Chili tops (5 pcs.) 30 kr.
  • Onion rings (5 pcs.) 30 kr.


  • Normal 5 DKK
  • Garlic 5 DKK
  • Chili 5 DKK

Hot dishes

  • "Biksemad" 70 DKK

    Traditional danish dish. Fried potatoes with fried egg, rye bread and beets

  • Omelette (2 persons) 150 DKK

    With bacon, tomatoes, rye bread and beets

Cold dishes

  • Open faced sandwiches of the day 35 DKK

    Ask at the reception

  • Sandwich 55 DKK

    Choose between: cheese & ham, tuna or chicken

  • Lunch plate 150 dKK

    At least one warm dish.

For the kids

  • Nuggets (5 pcs.) 45 DKK

    Served with french fries and dip

  • Kid's burger 50 DKK

    Ketchup, beef, cucumber and cheese

Homemade cakes

Served with coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

  • Cake of the day 65 DKK
  • 3 kinds of cookies 55 DKK

Homemade icecream

Served with coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

  • Ice cream dessert 65 DKK

    3 scoops of ice cream

  • Homemade pancakes 65 DKK

    Served with vanilla ice cream and jam

  • Warm muffin 55 DKK

    With ice cream


  • Coffee 30 DKK

    Americano, Espresso, Cappuccino, Café Latte, Latte Machiatto Espresso Machiatto or Milk Chocolate

  • Jug of ice water 25 DKK
  • "Frem" soda - 250 ml 15 DKK

    Cola, cola light, orange, lemon, sport, raspberry or sparkling water

  • Coca Cola - 250 ml 25 DKK

    Zero eller regular

  • "Adelhardt" juice 30 DKK

    Rhubarb or Elderflower

  • "Blackbird" draft beer - 400 ml 45 DKK
  • "Blackbird" draft beer - 250 ml 30 DKK
  • Bottle of beer 25 DKK

    Dark or blonde

  • Drinks - 4 cl 50 DKK

    Gin/tonic, Gin/lemon, Gin Hass, Bacardi/cola or Morgan/cola

  • Irish Coffee - 3 cl 45 DKK

Red wine

  • House red wine, bottle 149 DKK

    Glass: 45 DKK

  • Fortant Coastal Merlot, bottle 199 DKK
  • Cà Del Toma Valpolicella Ripasso, bottle 349 DKK

White wine

  • House white wine, bottle 149 DKK

    Glass: 45 DKK

  • Hans Baer Riesling, bottle 219 DKK


  • Cava Bonaval Semi Seco, bottle 199 DKK
  • Minini Uvello Dolce Moscato, bottle 219 DKK


  • Famille Bougrier Rosé d'Anjou, bottle 219 DKK
  • Morgadio da Calcada Ruby Port, glass 35 DKK