We have 20 different animal species. 111 animals in total. as of 22/9-22

"Everyone at Hohenwarte works from the heart, we love animals and people.

If you want to support, become a member of the Hohenwarte Friends Association

ensuring that there is ongoing development on the property and around the animals' conditions.

That way you can help decide what happens and become part of the community

We make sure there are

  • feed
  • veterinarian
  • vaccines
  • vitamins
  • well-being & love

Animal welfare

You can follow everyday life at Hohenwarte on Facebook where we share reality. The purpose is to create interaction and excitement around our values, history and the animals. Partly to be more visible, because we tell the story of Hohenwarte and it is possible to come along and feed the animals every day at 10 am and hear about their story.
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Siltoftvej 2
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Opening hours
Phone hours: every day from 09.00 - 21.00

Call before arrival out of season (1 November - 1 May)