About the farm

Enjoy a farm stay holiday with Vivi and Andreas N. Paulsen in the Danish Wadden Sea national park.

About Hohenwarte

Hohenwarte is located in the middle of the scenic protected Tøndermarsk, only 2 km from the Wadden Sea, where there are plenty of opportunities to experience the bird life.

The farm was built in 1878 as a miniature of the University of Kiel. The architects behind the buildings are Moldenhart and two families called Angel and Schriffren lived here before the war.

After the war the farm was taken over by the State and from 1957 to 1991 it served as an experimental station.


In November 1991 Hohenwarte was bought by Aase and Andreas Paulsen for farm holidays. After a renovation, the first guests arrived in March 1992, and several of them still come back year after year.

In September 1999, the farm was taken over by the daughter Vivi Nielsen Paulsen, who today, together with her husband Andreas Nielsen Paulsen, is ready to welcome both old and new guests for some lovely days in an unpretentious and cosy setting.

Hohenwarte is run as a hobby farm, where the animals are petted and the horses are ridden. There is also plenty of socialising and you can join in or look after yourself. One thing is for sure - you are always welcome to mingle!

+45 23 41 24 47
CVR 37641944

Siltoftvej 2
6280 Højer
Opening hours
Phone hours: every day from 09.00 - 21.00

Call before arrival out of season (1 November - 1 May)